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The Scott Wolfe Series

Scott Wolfe is a young man with a secret even he doesn't know. He is accidentally introduced to his mysterious background when he is thrust into a new life, very different from the tech world he is used to. With each new challenge, he discovers more about himself and the deep corruption permeating the world's governments. And with each new challenge, his limitations become more apparent. Join Scott on a thrilling and dangerous journey, of fringe science and the very real hidden rot in the free world, protected violently by the thin mask of government and the powerful forces behind it.

Waking Wolfe — Scott Wolfe #1

Scott Wolfe is a talented computer and electronics security specialist and an avid rock climber. He's a pretty typical twenty-something; he likes to party, he's bad at relationships, and he is a bit more adventurous than common sense would dictate.

He does have one trait that makes him atypical, though. That gift is the secret to his professional success—and it comes in quite handy when a rash decision turns his life upside down.

How much responsibility does a man have for the life of an ex-girlfriend? That's the question Scott had to ask himself when Barb Whitney, her father (a State Department Attorney)and twenty eight other diplomats and their families, were supposedly killed in a terrorist attack in Amsterdam.

When Scott gets a text message from Barb's phone after the explosion, he is propelled into an adrenaline charged operation, worthy of the intelligence agencies he is trying to avoid.

Dodging killers, organized crime, mercenaries and the CIA, he struggles against a clock that even he doesn't know is ticking.

Unexpected Gaines — Scott Wolfe #2

Scott Wolfe has been struggling to recover from the injuries he sustained in Europe only two months earlier—physical and emotional injuries that threaten his relationships, his peace and his sanity.

Back home and trying to ease into a routine again, his old life seems too small to contain him any longer. So when CIA Agent John Temple, asks for Scott's help hunting down a missing and possibly rogue ex-Agent, Scott jumps at the chance, despite Barb's misgivings.

Veiled in the background, sinister forces conspire to not only find the missing ex-Agent first, but to viciously block access to him and the information he is carrying, before their powerful organization is revealed.

Hamstrung by Agency policy and Scott's physical limitations, he and John have to find, contain and possibly kill ex CIA Agent, Mark Gaines.

This book was originally published under the title "2nd Amendment Remedies". Title and content have been revised and re-released as a second edition with the title "Unexpected Gaines."

Danger Close — Scott Wolfe #3

Scott Wolfe believes violence and insanity run in his family. Nearly all of his childhood memories seem to have been sucked into a black hole, but his past continues to shape him in ways he can't possibly understand.

One evening in September 1996, something happened that changed the course of Scott’s life, and he was started along a path that affects him and everyone around him.

Stuck behind a computer in the role of “analyst,” Scott’s desire to be in the middle of the action is fulfilled without his knowledge or consent when strings from his two previous adventures become entangled.

After a failed abduction attempt—thwarted by Scott in spectacularly violent fashion—CIA Agent John Temple whisks him away from threats at home while simultaneously indoctrinating him into his first official field Op. The job of his dreams is only one decision away. But with that decision comes danger like he’s never faced and a life that he may not be prepared for—if he survives his first test.

How treacherous has Scott's life become if the CIA thinks he would be safer in the Middle East?

Wolfe Trap — Scott Wolfe #4

Volume four of the ongoing Scott Wolfe Thriller Series. Scott Wolfe, packed and ready to ship out to a CIA training facility, The Farm, is side tracked by a violent abduction—his own.

While Scott languishes in captivity, tortured for days and weakening by the minute, the CIA and the Department of Justice battle a hidden force within the government—a force that is, for unknown reasons, attempting to thwart the release of former CIA Operative, Mark Gaines.

When Scott's tech support, Story "Storc" Carson, uncovers a connection between the stealth payments and Government Officials, the scale and scope of the treason are revealed as being massive—alluding to a coming coup d'état, or worse.

As forces begin to muster in the escalation, Scott finds himself at the center of a trap. Unable to trust anyone, Scott Wolfe drives himself deeper into a secret war he is just starting to understand. How late is it?

Harbinger — Scott Wolfe #5

Harbinger. Twice Scott Wolfe has faced this giant of a man. Twice he's barely escaped with his life. If Scott ever hopes to uncover the corruption that is shaping the free world, a confrontation with his most dangerous adversary is unavoidable.

Even though Scott has gone underground, it doesn't mean he's alone. He has reconnected with Kathrin, the golden-haired beauty who was with him when it all began. He'd long dreamed of the reunion. But now that Monkey Wrench and Gretel are reunited, something doesn't quite add up. Does he risk the blossoming romance to pry deeper? What if she is a danger to him? Will his emotions leave him blindsided by the truth?

Scott keeps driving deeper into the inner workings of the conspiracy, further from his support and closer to danger. Is it too soon for Scott to be on his own? That question might be answered before he's ready for it.

Predator's Game — Scott Wolfe #6

Coming out of battle, but feeling confident, Scott Wolfe is prepared to operate outside of Langley oversight. Someone has been breaching security, passing secrets that could get everyone killed and Scott is not taking any more chances. A windfall of information is disappearing at an incredible pace and Scott only has a short window of opportunity to follow the trail before it goes cold.

He's closer to Combine than he's ever been but a new predator has entered the game, something he's never faced before—something bred for killing. Running silent, with his incredible skills and with no Agency rules, might not be enough this time. Hanging in the balance are the lives of his friends and coworkers at TravTech and his dream girl, Kathrin.

With all he's learned, and as far as he's grown, Scott is pushed to his absolute limit in an attempt to end the secret war. It's not clear if his best is enough to keep him and those he loves alive.

Splinter Self — Scott Wolfe #7

Volume seven and the epic conclusion of the Scott Wolfe Thriller Series.

Scott Wolfe is a prisoner in his own body. The bullet to the head he received in the attempt to save Kathrin has left him without consciousness, without control of his body, and even without the ability to breathe on his own.

If not for his personality fracture, Wolf, he'd be dead. To Wolf, that's not even in the top ten on his list of problems.

Combine hasn't missed a stride since Scott and company stole their billions, and the secretive fraternity of billionaires seems to be on track to finally take ownership of the United States government.

Add to that list of problems a former CIA section chief, John Temple, trying to undermine Wolf's authority with their small band of SEALs, a government determined to capture Scott (now labeled a traitor), and a bullet in his head that moves every time he headbutts someone.

And worse for the mission, a new threat being cooked up in the labs of the Defense Intelligence Agency. It only gets harder from there.

Strap in...it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Back Story: Lt. Marsh — A Scott Wolfe Series Back Story Novella

It was supposed to be a simple rescue Op. A squad from SEAL Team 10 was to be inserted in Helmand Province, Afghanistan to recover survivors from a crashed command helicopter—Lieutenant Marsh quickly discovered that nothing about it would be simple.

Dropped into the story during Operation Mountain Thrust, May 2006, and propelled through the resulting chain of events, you will discover how Lieutenant Steve Marsh ends up on SEAL Team 9, sheep dipped by the CIA and struggles with the tribulations of trying to be with the woman he loves under impossible circumstances.

This action packed novella is the first of a series of Back Stories for the Scott Wolfe series and is sure to lend depth and definition to the characters and insight into their behavior.