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Broken Betties - A Thriller

Broken Betties

Broken Betties, S.L. Shelton's 10th book and his first serial killer thriller, now available for Kindle or in trade paperback.

A pair of surviving teenage victims, a serial killer's escalating timeline, and a detective who is trying to break a cycle before the next kill. Betties is a gut punch. A slasher thriller that will give you chills & make your pulse race.

The story begins with a trail of Gee's blood, painted like a red brush stroke across snow, from the barn to the road. But Gee's story started years earlier... She has been a victim most of her young life. And THAT is the reason she has been targeted by the Killer.

Questions such as "who is the killer" and "when will he strike next" remain after six years, taunting the detectives of the Lowder County Sheriff's Department with new bodies on an escalating timetable.

As the clock between victims ticks ever faster, will Gee and best friend Josie survive a second run in with the Catoctin Creek killer?

"A taut game of cat and mouse played on a razor's edge. One where you're never sure who is the cat and who is the mouse. Broken Betties comes at you like that car in your rearview mirror that's been following you for too long, the one that keeps inching closer until it's riding your bumper and there's no escape."
~Matthew FitzSimmons
USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
of The Short Drop, Poisonfeather, and Cold Harbor